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Kaleidoscope was a 2003 project in which six weekly tasks were set, for players to interpret and complete within their own weblogs and journals. [ read more... ]

Kaleidoscope Task Archive : First of September, 2003

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(Claimed by: bluejoh Ff loon Yui)
End a post with a sentence that is the opposite of, or contradicts, the post's first sentence.
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(Claimed by: bluejoh Ff earthdog Yui Brennan loon)
Use at least two words from the left hand column of the list on this page, in a single posting.
Google Id
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(Claimed by: jedisquid loon earthdog)
Show at least five searches from your Google search history (the drop-down of past search terms, when you visit a Google page or use the toolbar), if your browser gives you one. If not, cite some from memory, or note down any you make.
2 points

(Claimed by: loon bluejoh earthdog boynton)
Link to a page belonging to, or about, a member of your family, however distant.
2 points

(Claimed by: bluejoh JanusofZeal boynton loon earthdog)
List everything that you eat and drink, for a given day.
3 points

(Claimed by: bluejoh Brennan earthdog boynton)
Give proof or disproof of the existence of a god or gods, to a degree that satisfies your belief, or lack of.

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