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Kaleidoscope was a 2003 project in which six weekly tasks were set, for players to interpret and complete within their own weblogs and journals. [ read more... ]

Kaleidoscope Task Archive : Twentieth of October, 2003

New Latin
1 point

(Claimed by: Kredal)
Invent a new word (one that Google does not recognise) using coherent Latin roots, and use it in a post.
Treasure Hunt
1 point

(Claimed by: Kredal boynton)
Link to a map; either invite readers to find something on it, or to guess where something is.
Luminescence Enthusiasm wanes; we need more players. Link to Kaleidoscope in a post, with some enlightening comment or other.
Fresh Puns
2 points

(Claimed by: Nobody)
Think up six terrible pun-based jokes, on a connected theme. Then see how many of them already existed on the Internet.
2 points

(Claimed by: loon ghoti Kredal thefelinepunk boynton)
Write a post where every word after the first begins with the letter before or after the one that began the previous word.
Game Sham
3 points

(Claimed by: Nobody)
Take a picture of something from an existing board or card game, and adapt it in an entertaining or intriguing way.

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