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Kaleidoscope was a 2003 project in which six weekly tasks were set, for players to interpret and complete within their own weblogs and journals. [ read more... ]

Kaleidoscope Task Archive : Tenth of November, 2003

1 point

(Claimed by: Nobody)
Pretend that one of your posts is (as the LiveJournallers would have it) a 'meme'.
1 point

(Claimed by: Kredal drakonlass)
Write a post in the style of a text adventure.
1 point

(Claimed by: Nobody)
Leave a comment in someone else's weblog or journal, linking to Kaleidoscope. Give the URL of the comment page when claiming this prize.
2 points

(Claimed by: loon)
Write a post of at least thirty-six words, where each sentence has exactly six words.
2 points

(Claimed by: drakonlass Misao)
Invent your own captions for at least three Yahoo news photos.
3 points

(Claimed by: Kredal boynton)
Write a post with some sort of coherent message behind it, using only images and symbols.

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