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Kaleidoscope was a 2003 project in which six weekly tasks were set, for players to interpret and complete within their own weblogs and journals. [ read more... ]

Kaleidoscope Task Archive : Fourth of August, 2003

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(Claimed by: Zippah Insurrection mikesgrl703 Ben naivegirl Kosta Brent loon bluejoh)
Write about, or mention, a single thing that distinguishes you from everybody else that you know.
Browser History Link to the first site you can remember visiting on the Internet.
High Score
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(Claimed by: Insurrection loon Brent bluejoh Brennan Ben)
Link to an online game which awards you a score, and post your highest score.
Locality Write something about the village, town or city that you currently live in.
Just a Minute Write a post of at least sixty words, which does not repeat any words, nor deviate from its initial subject.
Handwriting Write a weblog entry out by hand, and post a photograph of the result (either instead of the entry, or as a link from it). If you lack a camera, you can just scrawl something in Photoshop or Paint.

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